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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture Traditional

Quynh Cham Cuu would like to send respectful greetings to readers!

- Maybe you don't know: "Acupuncture" is a perfect combination of 2 different methods of treating diseases, originating from very ancient times, the method of "Acupuncture" and the method of "Mugwort".

- "Needle acupuncture " is a method by which the pricker uses a sharp object to impact the acupuncture points (energy points) on the person being pricked to create a therapeutic effect or a certain special effect on the person being pricked.

- "Mugwort" is a method of using "wormwood" leaves through special processing methods to create many different types of wormwood such as velvet wormwood, wormwood... But the most popular is still using "wormwood" velvet" molded into an even tetrahedron (Pyramid shape) and then placed directly on the skin (outer surface of the Acupoint... ), can also be placed through a thin slice of "fresh ginger", or placed directly on the "acupuncture needle".

- Needle Acupuncture and Mugwort both have strong sides and weak sides, when combining these two methods together, oriental medicine doctors will be very convenient in treating diseases. The skillful integration between these two methods has brought about extremely flexible and effective treatment benefits.

- Experiencing many ups and downs in history, but "Acupuncture" has proven its value through its continuous existence for thousands of years in Vietnam as well as around the world.

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